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Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure.

Six steps to friendship, community, and financial security.

Safe and Secure is a road map to a good life and PLAN’s bestselling guide for families that helps individuals living with disabilities and their relatives plan for a positive future – one that is grounded in solid relationships and real opportunity. It offers an interactive way for families to plan for the future of their loved one with a disability. Not only is the publication filled with ideas, family stories and thought-provoking questions, it also includes space to make the book a personal planning document for each family to begin to work through. 

Through the generosity of the Law Foundation of Ontario, PLAN Toronto was awarded a grant to create an Ontario version of Safe and Secure for distribution to families caring for a family member who is vulnerable or living with a disability.

While the book is free, shipping and handling costs are $10.00. Credit card payment can be made through PAYPAL. (Note: If you don't have a Paypal Account, you don't need to set up an account to make a payment. Simply select the "Don't Have A Paypal Account" option for a simple credit or debit card payment.) Alternatively you may send a cheque for $10.00 (payable to PLAN Toronto) with your name and shipping address. 

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Helping Hands Grant program from c-Seven. Learn more here.