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Our History

More than twenty years ago, a small group of parents gathered in Vancouver to discuss a common concern: What will happen to our sons and daughters with disabilities when we can no longer care for them?

Few realized at the time that this gathering would launch an organization that inspires and unites families across the country and around the world - one that truly transforms lives. Today, PLAN is a national network of families committed to developing innovative solutions - in partnership with community groups, organizations and corporations - to address issues of isolation and poverty and to influence changes in social policy.

As a family-led organization, we believe that the long-term safety and security of our loved ones is our responsibility. Our peace of mind depends on our ability to create a good life for our children, brothers, and grandchildren today - and to ensure this quality of life continues long after we're gone.

PLAN Toronto is one of many PLAN affiliates with this same goal: to help families plan and secure a good life for their loved one with a disability. We believe that by working together, we can solve both the immediate and long-term challenges that people with disabilities and their families face in creating and maintaining a good life. As such, since 2009, PLAN Toronto has been connecting families, organizations, and community groups in the Greater Toronto Area to make progress towards achieving our vision.

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