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Personal Support Networks 

Helping individuals who are socially isolated to build and sustain personal support networks is one of PLAN Toronto's core service offerings.


At PLAN Toronto, we believe that the foundation to a good life is built upon caring relationships. Despite all the other planning elements families might put in place, if our loved ones are isolated, it's unlikely they will like a good life.

The benefits of caring relationships cannot be overstated. People with active social networks get sick less often and deal with adversity more effectively. They are less likely to live in poverty or to be abused. They are more connected to their communities and generally lead happier and more satisfying lives than people living in isolation.

What are Personal Support Networks?

A personal support network is made up of a group of unpaid people who are in relationship with a person who may be isolated and vulnerable by reason of disability, living arrangement, limited opportunities, or society’s perceptions. All networks are unique and have their own style and function. Some come together to provide support. Others are strictly social.

Personal support networks provide safety and security. They connect a person to everything: friendship and social gatherings, housing, health care, and even everyday basic needs like computer repairs or grocery shopping. Support networks are there in good times and invaluable in difficult periods.

We recognize that developing and sustaining a network can be a difficult process. As a result, PLAN Toronto can hire, train and support a Network Facilitator to fulfill this work. The facilitator will be responsible for inviting and coordinating network members and facilitating meetings to ensure they are valuable and dynamic. 

PLAN Toronto offers two services to help build and sustain a personal support network:

Support Network Start-up Consultation

Cost: $350 plus HST

Our Personal Support Network Start-Up Consultation is designed to help an individual and their family establish a network. A Network Facilitator will meet with the individual and their family to identify potential network members, assist with invitations and organization, and facilitate the first network meeting. 

Support Network Facilitation

Cost: $600 plus HST (4 facilitation meetings per year)

Some individuals and their families prefer to facilitate their support networks once they are established. Others have found that their networks are more effective if they are facilitated by someone trained and supported by PLAN Toronto. For $150 per network meeting, PLAN Toronto will hire, train and support a dedicated facilitator. The facilitator will organize network meetings, help the individual with invitations and will facilitate meetings to ensure they are productive and that the network is sustained.

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