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What We Do

PLAN Toronto helps families build a good life and safe, secure future for their loved one with a physical, mental, cognitive, or mental health disability. 

Everything we do is focused on achieving and maintaining the key elements of a good life for your loved one. To help us achieve our mission, PLAN Toronto engages in a variety of activities:

Holding Seminars and Online Workshops to Educate and Inform

We provide seminars and workshops - both in person and online - on a variety of relevant topics, including the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), wills and estate planning, building relationships, and creating a meaningful life.

Providing Services for Individuals and Families

We offer a several fee-based services that individuals and families can purchase to help plan for and create a safe, secure future for their loved one with a physical, mental, cognitive, or mental health disability:

Creating and Sharing Resources on Future Planning

While there's a wealth of information available to help families in creating a quality, financially secure future for their loved one, it's not always the easiest to locate and navigate. For this reason, PLAN Toronto is compiling a comprehensive listing of valuable resources that families can quickly and easily consult. To visit our new online hub once it is up and running, sign up for our e-newsletter or check our website regularly. 

Collaboration and Innovation

PLAN Toronto connects and convenes like-minded individuals and diverse organizations across the Greater Toronto Area and the province of Ontario to initiate positive change. We are passionate about finding family-driven solutions to the challenges facing individuals with disabilities and their relatives in planning for and creating secure futures and in achieving peace of mind. Our Family Innovation Group is one important way that we are working collaboratively to reduce poverty and isolation and to enhance the safety, security and opportunities for people living with disabilities.


Helping Hands Grant program from c-Seven. Learn more here.