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Independent Person Directed Planning

Many people who have been marginalized have difficulty envisioning opportunities outside of traditional supports. Independent Person Directed Planning (IPDP) is an ongoing process that supports individuals and their families in exploring and creating community-based opportunities by focusing on the individual's dreams and gifts.


This process is instrumental in helping individuals envision a future without limitations. At PLAN Toronto, we have developed an IPDP process that is designed to guide an individual and their family and friends to think creatively and to identify opportunities that will create a good life today - and form the foundation for a safe, secure future.

For people who have often felt as though they haven't had a voice, the planning process provides them with an opportunity to dream and to create opportunities based on their individual interests and passions. As a result, individuals often discover they have access to a wide range of informal supports that can have a significant impact on their lives.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services has identified IPDP as a critical component in the new Social Inclusion Act. PLAN Toronto belongs to a provincial coalition of Independent Facilitators and is one of the few organizations that can provide truly independent and unencumbered planning in Toronto. As such, we plan an important role for individuals, families and agencies interested in offering independent planning.

To learn about our IPDP services, click here or contact Heather Hewer at or 416-232-9444 (extension 1).

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